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“Generosity is giving more than you can and pride is taking less than you need”
The emancipation of women is a carefully and perseverantly nurtured dream of our forefather and visionaries. Initially P.K.R. Jain institutions took roots in a building situated in the heart of the city, donated by visionaries Late Smt. Kauri Bai Chachi, Late Shiv Parsad Aman Nath Ji with a dream that women education must flourish in modern India to counter the social, religious and economic problems facing mankind.

Any project that needs to become a mission needs an integrated effort, the capabilities and expertise of each individual in the organization has to be brought to the fore. P.K.R. Jain (PG) College of Education is also being run on the same lines by eminent professionals from various fields with the sole aim of developing an educational scenario conducive to every individual's personal and individual growth.

This ultra modern institution firmly embedded in our rich cultural tradition is progressing at a steady pace and producing skilful teachers under the committed and enlightened efforts of the influential Jain Society of Ambala
When your commitment is deeper than the sea and your ambition taller than the sky, then your future will be brighter than the sun.
Sh. Sat Pal Jain, President
Sh. Prem Bhushan Jain, Vice President,
Prof. Ashok Jain Secetary
Sh. Deepak Jain Cashier

The College was established in 2006 with the farsightedness and an even broader vision under the aegis of Sh. Bharat Bhushan Jain Ji President & Sh. Arun Jain Advocate Secretary.

Presently the institution is being run under the able guidance of Sh. Satpal Jain,President, Sh. Prem Bhushan Jain, Vice President, Prof. Ashok Jain, Secretary and Sh. Deepak Jain, Cashier.

Members of the management committee have strived to reject the rigidities of doctrines and infuse a new freshness in the approach to teacher education.

They have ushered in a silent revolution by setting up educational institutions in and around Ambala, showing to all and sundry the power of spirit and intellect combined. This approach has been helping the students in grappling with social, economic and psychological problems. They learn to overcome their prejudices and narrow pre-conditioning to achieve wisdom. They are in a nut shell conditioned to have strength & will power of steel and vision of glass.